ZIP Open File Tool

ZIP Open File Tool replaces any other file compression tool supporting WinZip files

  • Repair damaged WinZIP archives
  • Extract files from corrupted *.zip files
  • Recover files from SFX archives

ZIP Open File Tool

ZIP Open File Tool (Download) replaces any other file compression tool supporting WinZip files, providing easy and friendly user interface for zip file recovery. This program works on any computer and guarantees the analysis of zip archives, created in any software so you can restore CRC checksums without losing the contents of compressed document. This program provides a great number of features to ensure the highest efficiency of analysis, the absence of compatibility problems and possibility to open very large files of zip format. ZIP Open File Tool allows fixing download errors and other problems, caused by various reasons.

Forget about these questions if you have ZIP Open File Tool, installed your computer and start working with this application as soon as you see something like WinZIP cannot open file it does not appear to be a valid archive fix. Thanks to the automation of all settings and data recovery engine, powered by ZIP Open File Tool, the analysis can be started immediately, this program gets any input file to be processed without some kind of extra conditions and settings, all activities of zip recovery are automated.

ZIP Opener software recovers WinZip documents on any computer so you may use the open file to begin, select a file of WinZIP supported format to continue and use the Next button to continue. As soon as you trigger the analysis of selected document, corrupted ZIP file Opener attempts repairing the structure of input document, including the restoration of hash tables, CRC issues and other problems, i.e. everything that should be done when you'd like to ask how to open a damaged ZIP file?

How to open a corrupt ZIP file any type and how to open corrupted ZIP file data

It does not really matter which version of MS Windows is installed on your computer so you should do nothing except starting the analysis. After the end of selected file processing this application redirects users to the previewing of restored information so you may see the list of documents, stored in the compressed file in question and check some of them for decompression. Keep in mind this feature is disabled in free version of ZIP Open File Tool therefore you may need to purchase full version of this program if you are still curious about how to open a corrupted ZIP file. The testing of WinZip recovery tool is not limited so you may keep it for as long as you need.

The support department of application developer is ready to answer all requests with regard to the processing of WinZip files therefore you can submit your request anytime you get issues. The registration status of ZIP Open File Tool does not matter if you need help, free version users have full access to the support service, provided by this program

System requirements: Windows 98 and above