XLSX Open File Tool

XLSX Open File Tool saves critical information when unable to open file Excel XLSX, this program is developed for data recovery purposes and allows opening any document of MS Excel supported format so you can quickly repair corrupted worksheets without using some kind of external MS Excel recovery services, revealing the privacy of user information. This tool for powerful and intelligent Excel format recovery is all you need to keep the data in safety, it works on any available configuration so you should not be worried about the fact that your PC is too old. Besides, XLSX Open File Tool provides full network support therefore the analysis of MS Excel worksheets can be triggered on any computer, just check the path to selected document before you continue, other parameters and settings should not be modified.

How to open a corrupted Excel file unable to read and what does it mean when Excel say - Excel cannot open the file because the file format is not valid?

First of all you may visit OpenFileTool.com and look through the description of XLSX Open File Tool, it is the easiest way to know if you may need it or this service makes other tasks. Get it on your computer when Excel cannot open file because the file format or file extension is not valid but the file works in, this powerful data recovery service works fine in all instances of data corruption therefore you should not investigate the issue when unable to open .XLSX file file format or extension is not valid, the recovery of selected MS Excel document can be started immediately.

After the first start of XLSX Open File Tool and if you still cannot open XLS file in Excel 2007, follow the guidelines of XLSX Opener and use the open file button to access a workbook of MS Excel format, located on your PC, removable media or other workstations. This application opens any version of MS Excel document so you should not worry when Microsoft Excel unable to open file or Excel cannot open the file .XLSX because the file format or file extension is not valid. Due to the absence of additional settings when cannot open Excel file read only message, you can use the open file button, choose a worksheet of corresponding format and click Next to continue.

Do not worry when Excel 2007 the workbook cannot be opened or repaired by Microsoft Excel because it is corrupt. As soon as the processing of damaged file is started, there is no need to worry because anyway you are unable to put some modifications to the settings of XLSX Open File Tool, just look at the status bar of this software if still Excel 2007 Excel cannot open the file because the file format or file extension is not valid.

XLSX Open File Tool produces the full cycle of MS Excel file recovery from the analysis till the conversion of output information into clean documents of Excel format when MS Excel file not opening read only error and Excel file is not opening directly for any reason. This software is exactly what you need when unable to open XLSX file in Excel 2007 or Excel .xlsx file wont open, all you need is following the guidelines of XLSX Open File Tool