RAR Open File Tool

RAR Open File Tool represents a powerful data recovery service for WinRAR files

  • Repair damaged WinRAR archives.
  • Extract files from corrupted *.rar files.
  • Recover files from SFX archives.

RAR Open File Tool

RAR Open File Tool (Download) represents a powerful data recovery service for WinRAR files so you can open damaged RAR archives on your own computer and fix the internal structure of CRC files. This software runs on any configuration of user workstations, including minimal system requirements and all available versions of MS Windows operating system, starting from Windows 98. This application guarantees the safety of all data recovery activities therefore there is no risk to open damaged files on any computer, including protected workstations and business critical data. Besides, RAR Open File Tool does not modify affected documents during the analysis of WinRAR files, it works with copies of input data only so there is no risk for damaged files in use.

RAR Opener service, powered by RAR Open File Tool, is exactly what you need to resolve the corruption of WinRAR archives and to decompress affected documents on any computer in the network, including your own workstation. Do not worry if you still cannot open RAR file as archive due to the damage of CRC file structure and other issues, damaging the integrity of WinRAR documents, this data can be quickly restored as soon as you apply the service of .rar file not opening restoration and follow its guidelines.

How to open corrupted RAR files and how to open damaged RAR files

There is no need to provide detailed explanations about the recovery of WinRAR documents, served by RAR Open File Tool utility, you may simply get this program on your computer when cannot open .RAR file as archive and follow all guidelines, it should not be too complicated even for not experienced users. The interface of RAR Open File Tool is much easier than other file compression programs so you should not worry when cant open RAR file damaged for any reason, it is really easy to fix and some kind of good technical skills are not needed when RAR files not opening.

RAR Open File Tool helps when you cannot open a RAR file and parses compressed documents automatically, without modifying additional settings of this service. If you are still curious to know what to do when cannot open RAR as archive and RAR file wont open as soon as this software is successfully installed on your computer, contact the support department of application developer or find some time, open the guide for RAR Open File Tool software and browse its guidelines for answers.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above