PPTX Open File Tool

PPTX Open File Tool recovers PowerPoint presentations

  • Repair damaged files of Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Recover corrupted *.ppt, *.pptx files of Microsoft PowerPoint

PPTX Open File Tool

PPTX Open File Tool (Download) recovers PowerPoint presentations when you cannot open PowerPoint files for any reason. Thanks to the usage of artificial intelligence, the PPTX Opener software quickly recovers the internal structure of PowerPoint presentations on any computer. In the same time, the size of PPT or PPTX document is not really matter, the version of input file can be of Microsoft PowerPoint 97 and later, damaged presentations are accurately repaired and reconstructed. In the end of PowerPoint file recovery the output information is usually saved as clean PPTX documents, multimedia files can be exported separately, into another folder.

How to open PPT corrupted file and how to open corrupted PowerPoint file?

First of all there is no need to panic when PowerPoint cannot open the file because the file format or file extension is not valid, you have just seen a data corruption problem, but, fortunately, this issue can be easily resolved by means of PPTX Opener software. This software may open corrupted Power Point presentations of any version, so you may start using PPTX Open File Tool as soon as unable to open a PowerPoint file for any reason and the needed information cannot be restored by any other way, backup copy for example or any other download attempt.

How to open corrupted PPTX file and how to open damaged PPTX file

Please refer to the online description of all PPTX Open File Tool activities if you are curious to know how to open broken PPT and can a corrupt PPT file that won t open be repaired? The response is right here, please get the installation file of PowerPoint repair program, click it to proceed and follow the guidelines, provided by PPTX Open File Tool. The small size of specified software permits recovering PPTX files on any computer, moreover the absence of external services guarantees the safety and highest efficiency of repair PPT file that won t open.

PPTX Open File Tool is initiated as soon as you start open damage Power Point files service by selecting a file of corresponding PPT or PPTX format, it can be done on the first stage of file recovery operation. For this purpose you open broken PPT file in this application, check its path is correct and move to the following stage by clicking the Next softkey. Other data recovery activities are not really necessary so you may simply get some rest and wait for the end of open broken PPTX file, performed by this PowerPoint recovery application.

As soon as PPTX Open File Tool finishes its execution and PowerPoint file corrupted open is finally completed, look through the results of PPTX file recovery to make sure the analysis of damaged file was successful and right now you may convert this information into a clean file of PPT or PPTX format. As you see, PowerPoint 2007 the file is corrupt and cannot be opened is not a problem anymore and you should not worry about error messages like above or similar.

Note: PPTX Open File Tool do not repair content of password protected Microsoft PowerPoint .ppt or .pptx files.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above