MDF Open File Tool
  • Open any MDF files all versions
  • Read MDF files any size
  • Preview content of any MDF file
  • Open and repair damaged SQL Server *.mdf files
  • Recover and save data from suspect SQL Server databases
  • Repair Microsoft SQL Server databases any versions

MDF Open File Tool

How to open mdf file

MDF Open File Tool (Download) allows repairing Microsoft SQL Server databases without using backup copies and investigating the problem beyond question. How to open MDF file:

How to open mdf files

Step-by-step instruction how to open any *.mdf file:

The MDF Opener features:

  1. parse and open MDF database file of any versions (all versions MS SQL Server 7-2016)
  2. recover primary keys
  3. recover secondary keys
  4. restore functions, procedures and customers objects
  5. extract and save customer's data and tables
  6. recover data from several files: mdf + ndf file storage type

The MDF Opener can easily resolve this task and repair damaged MDF files to their original state. It can be done in all instances of SQL Server corruption so the damage of MDF files is not a problem anymore.

How to open damaged MDF file

This way of open suspect SQL database guarantees the highest efficiency of analysis and it is a good idea to have MDF Open File Tool even backup copies of damaged databases are available. In this case you may apply MDF Opener to restore the latest changes in SQL databases and considerably improve your chances of getting back the database to its original state.

How to open mdf files

After the start of SQL database recovery tool you may get some rest and wait until the processing of corrupted document is successfully completed, this process may take a lot of time if you do not have a powerful computer to open file MDF database. Try to install this software on later computer if you'd like to improve the speed of analysis and repair MDF files faster. This SQL recovery tool protects the privacy of any data recovery operation therefore this data stays in the local area network of your company.

How to open .MDF database file and how to open corrupted MDF file

After the end of database analysis MDF Open File Tool suggests various ways of saving the output information. This data can be uploaded to the MS SQL Server directly or you may save it as a set of SQL scripts. Evaluate the performance of database restoration during this stage, check the integrity of repaired database and compare this information with its original state. If it works, activate your copy of MDF Open File Tool to get rid of its restrictions.

System requirements for the MDF Tool: Windows 98 and above

Notes: the MDF Tool do not recover encrypted and password protected customer's objects from databases.