MDB Open File Tool

MDB Open File Tool is really easy to use and powerful application

  • Repair Microsoft Access d-base files.
  • Extract tables from corrupted MDB files.
  • Recover queries and indexes from damaged MDB files.

MDB Open File Tool

MDB Open File Tool (Download) is really easy to use and powerful application, supporting the recovery of MS Access databases, this program supports any version of Access 2007/…/Access 2016 and provides the same data recovery settings for any configuration in use. This software recovers any type of affected information, it repairs corrupted tables, keys, database indexes, queries and tables. Before you save the data, retrieved from MS Access database, it can be previewed to verify the efficiency of analysis at this stage and save the output information into a clean database if it is ok. Check the integrity of suspect database immediately and get to know if MDB Open File Tool can open this document in MDB format that is not currently accessible for any reason.

This question is well known to many users worldwide, but MDB Open File Tool is the only solution that knows the answer so you may quickly apply the service of MS Access recovery and open damaged MDB file without Microsoft Access. This tool has small size of its binaries so you may quickly get it on your computer for evaluation of powerful database recovery engine. The MDB opener software can be applied anytime you encounter database issues, the investigation of database corruption is not really needed, you may start repairing affected information anytime when cannot open damaged Access database file.

Sure you may easily open damaged MDB files without MS Access and attempt repairing corrupted information, stored in MS Access databases. For this purpose you should not panic when cannot open ACCDB file Access 2007, just quickly get MDB Open File Tool on your computer and follow its guidelines from the very beginning. Start with the installation of Access 2007 open repair tool and follow all instructions of this software. Keep in mind the utility of open damaged MDB files without Access supports any configuration of software you there are no any difficulties either on this stage or on other steps of open corrupt Access database.

How to repair Access database can not open and how can I repair an Access database that will not open

Like any other software, developed by, MDB Open File Tool provides an intelligent and easy user interface that guarantees the absence of difficulties during the analysis of selected database in MDB format. This application may open corrupt MDB file Access 2010 in several clicks of your mouse so there is no need wasting your time, get it immediately and follow the instructions until your database in MS Access format is not lost at all.

Despite the fact that all activities of MDB Open File Tool are fully automated, you should always track the status of open corrupt Access file solution and make sure this program is not suddenly stalled for any reason. If this application somehow works incorrectly when cannot open MDB file Access 2007, you may drop an email to the support department of and request some clarifications about how to open corrupt Access? Try the service of Access 2003 open without repair and make sure it is often easier than backing up MDB databases

Our software do not recover:

  • forms;
  • macros;
  • modules;
  • password protected files.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above