DWG Open File Tool

How to open corrupt ai files with this tool and how to open a damaged illustrator file

  • Repair a damaged graphics data files of AutoCAD and so on.
  • Recover corrupted *.DWG files of AutoCAD

DWG Open File Tool

DWG Open File Tool (Download) was created for the recovery of suspect and damaged AutoCAD drawings that are not accessible normally for any reason. This software supports analyzing any version of DWG drawing: 2000/…/ 2010 (AutoCAD 2000-AutoCAD 2012) without setting its parameters, DWG Open File Tool detects it automatically and converts the information into the version of AutoCAD program, currently installed on your computer. Recovered information can be previewed in free demo mode, moreover during this stage the image in question can be zoomed and turned, if necessary. Get it on your computer and make sure DWG Open File Tool is so easy that any data recovery operation consists of several easy steps.

Try DWG Open File Tool immediately as soon as some AutoCAD drawings get damaged and there is a risk of losing your work. There are many ways of protecting your personal information except backing up DWG files so you may get the DWG Opener, powered by OpenFileTool.com and get rid of data corruption problems in AutoCAD documents. Check this application if you'd like to know how to recover DWG files that do not open and evaluate it on your computer as soon as something goes wrong with DWG drawings.

The small installation file of DWG Open File Tool runs under virtually any configuration in use therefore you may install the utility of AutoCAD open damaged DWG on any computer, including slower workstations. This software knows how to open DWG file is not valid download and what should be done in your personal case. So there is no need to worry about opening corrupted DWG drawings, DWG Open File Tool can do it for you and access suspect documents when it cannot be done by AutoCAD software.

How to open corrupted DWG file and how to open a corrupt AutoCAD file

In the beginning of open damaged AutoCAD file process DWG Open File Tool suggests choosing a drawing of DWG format in this application by clicking the open file softkey. Size, version and complexity of input document to be opened in this program are not really important and there is no need to put additional settings and parameters to start open corrupt DWG file, just check the path of selected drawing and click the Analyze button to continue. If the resources of selected computer are limited for any reason, the recovery of DWG document takes more time. However, please do not worry about this fact because the efficiency of open corrupted AutoCAD 2000 file stays the same.

After the end of open corrupted AutoCAD file execution, DWG Open File Tool previews the data, retrieved previously so you may check the integrity of restored information by zooming the image and evaluate the results of recover.DWG openen. If the results are fine from your point of view and the drawing in question can be really restored without some kind of difficulties from DWG Open File Tool, this software should be activated to remove all limitations of program, it is really helpful when .DWG cannot be opened and allows saving the drawing into a clean document.


  • Our software support export a recovered data into AutoCAD 2000 or higher.
  • Our software cannot export a recovered data into AutoCAD LT. OLE Automation are blocked in AutoCAD LT.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above