DOCX Open File Tool

DOCX Open File Tool repairs corrupted text documents in Microsoft Word format, supporting dot, dotx, docx, doc and rtf formats, all available versions are supported: MS Word 95/…/2016. The analysis in ASCII and Unicode is also supported, the heuristic data recovery engine removes all “trash” from recovered documents. All data can be exported into a clean file of MS Word without any efforts due to intuitive interface. Finally, this solution works anywhere: Windows 98/…/Windows 10.

How to open corrupt Word 2007 file and how to open corrupted doc file Office 2007?

DOCX Open File Tool is exactly what you need if you are looking how to open suspected Word files, this software provides an easy and powerful text recovery service that can be applied to fix any issue, affecting the structure of MS Word documents. Now get the installation file of docx Opener from the website of and double click to proceed. DOCX Open File Tool works like any Windows application so you may start working like usual and use the shortcut of open and repair Word 2007 document to continue.

You should not waste your time, trying to understand how it works and how to open docx corrupted file, just follow the guidelines of DOCX Open File Tool to proceed and use the open file button to select a document of MS Word format. Keep in mind you can use any file with corresponding extension, all you need is selecting the path to corrupted document in MS Word format and avoid errors during this stage, otherwise the processing of incorrect document leads to the losses of time.

Use the Next button to continue as soon as you select a file of supported extension and stand by until DOCX Open File Tool finishes its execution. As soon as the analysis is completed, you get to know how to open damaged Word file 2007 and preview the text, recovered during the previous session of DOCX Open File Tool execution.

During this stage, you should compare the repaired contents of damaged MS Word document with the original file of doc format. Please look through this text very attentively if you’d like to know how to open corrupted docx file .docx because it is the only way to check the efficiency of data recovery service when cannot open docx corrupt.

Demo version of DOCX Open File Tool is absolutely free to try and it is a great way out if you’d like to know how to open a corrupt Word 2007 file. However, in this mode our users are unable to convert the data into clean documents of corresponding format, please register DOCX Open File Tool to remove all restrictions of this application and purchase full version of MS Word recovery software.

If you still ask these questions, most likely you need a consultation of our support engineers with regard to the process of DOCX Open File Tool execution and how to open corrupt Word docx in general. Feel free dropping an email to the support department of and get all necessary explanations about the recovery of bad MS Word files within shortest terms.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above