DBF Open File Tool

DBF Open File Tool offers an easy way to open a corrupt .dbf file

  • Repair corrupted DBF files
  • Recover d-base files of FoxPro, dBase and Clipper

DBF Open File Tool

DBF Open File Tool (Download) provides an efficient database recovery service of damaged files, supporting dBase III, dBase IV, Visual FoxPro, Clipper and other, corresponding DBF formats. This software allows repairing table structure, entries, MEMO fields and other objects. It does not matter which encoding is in use by the database beyond question, DBF Open File Tool supports the processing of various formats despite the severity of data corruption issue and it can be done under any version of Microsoft Windows operating system, from Windows 98 to Windows 10.

How to open a corrupt .dbf file and what should be done when file is not open FoxPro table

DBF Open File Tool allows opening corrupt dbf files after the occurrence of data corruption problems, caused by viral infections, software issues, file system errors and other problems, making impossible the normal operation of DBF databases. Do not worry when cannot open file .dbf and if .dbf file not open in FoxPro not a table, this solution works in virtually any environment and provides the highest efficiency of analysis on any PC. Since you can start working within several minutes, get the small installation file of DBF Open File Tool and proceed to the recovery of affected documents if cannot open file dbf.

If you still cannot open FoxPro .dbf files due to the corruption of their internal structure, click the shortcut of DBF Opener to start the process of dbf fix open, it can be done within several seconds. As soon as you click the open file button, take a look at the file selection dialog and find a document of DBF format to be processed. Do not worry if cannot open dbf file Access and start the analysis of damaged database in DBF format as soon as you enter the right path to affected database and click Analyze to continue.

After you start working with DBF Open File Tool and click the Analyze button, get some rest and wait until the parsing of corrupted database is successfully completed, it may take some time depending on the hardware in use. If .dbf file is not opening despite of all efforts, DBF Open File Tool is the only way out to resolve the damage, occurred in these documents. It is often more efficient than regular backups because you may repair even the latest modifications to DBF database files.

First of all there is no need to worry if you encounter the corruption of DBF files no matter how severe it is. If dbf file not opening in FoxPro and other programs, start the analysis and get some rest until it is successfully completed, please note that it takes more time on older computers, besides the analysis of large DBF databases may take a lot of time. Please install DBF Open File Tool on faster workstations to improve the speed of database recovery when cannot open dbf file. Do not wait until it is too late if you still cannot open .dbf file and fix the damage of DBF files immediately after the first start of DBF Open File Tool.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above