CDR Open File Tool

How to open CDR file without CorelDRAW and what should you do when CorelDRAW file cannot open

  • How to open corrupt CDR file
  • How to access CDR drawings when Corel Draw file cannot open

CDR Open File Tool

CDR Open File Tool (Download) offers an easy and friendly way of CorelDRAW drawing recovery so you have very good chances of repairing CDR drawings despite the reason of data corruption. CDR Opener supports any version of CorelDRAW image starting from 10 and saves the output project information into the version of CorelDRAW application, currently installed on your computer.

Features of CDR Open File Tool:

  • opens files with compressed graphics
  • supports various color schemes
  • ease and friendly interface
  • preview the information to be saved with move and zoom functions

How to open CDR file without CorelDRAW?

CDR Open File Tool knows what should you do when cannot open CorelDRAW file for any reason. Very often, the investigation of data corruption issues takes a lot of time and it is not guaranteed that you may restore this information as soon as you understand why this data is damaged. In the same time, the usage of CDR Opener software permits repairing CorelDRAW illustrations without knowing the root cause of damage. Keep in mind that it works for any version of CDR file in use, all you need is downloading this application, selecting a file of CorelDRAW supported format to be opened and using the Analyze button.

After the first start of CDR Open File Tool the process of CDR open bad file can be started immediately, just select a file of CorelDRAW format to be analyzed when cannot open Corel Draw file normally and check the path is correct. It is ready to open damaged CDR file as soon as you click Analyze. CDR open file software provides minimum settings of CorelDRAW recovery engine to make the analysis of damaged CDR files as easy as possible when cannot open CorelDRAW file.

As soon as the analysis of selected CDR illustrations is successfully completed, the .cdr open software shows the structure of restored graphics so you can evaluate the results by zooming and moving objects when it is necessary. Get some rest and start CDR file Opener download when some documents in CorelDRAW format are not accessible, CDR Open File Tool suggests an easy approach to the safety of CorelDRAW illustrations so you can easily protect the information you value. Do not worry when you encounter the corruption of CDR projects in use and CorelDRAW cannot open .cdr files, CDR Open File Tool successfully fixes this problem.

  • Windows 98 or above
  • Installed CorelDRAW v.10 or above