AI Open File Tool
  • Helps repair damaged Adobe Illustrator data files
  • Recover and save information from corrupted AI files of Adobe Illustrator

AI Open File Tool

AI Open File Tool (Download) is one of the easiest ways of Adobe Illustrator recovery, providing efficient data recovery services for all users of this application. This tool, developed by, opens corrupted AI illustrations, supporting any version of Adobe Illustrator so you may follow the same preset data recovery procedure.

Besides, it uses an artificial intelligence to minimize errors and provide higher efficiency of analysis. AI Open File Tool also repairs many known errors, caused by graphic editors, this factor also improves the quality of analysis. After the end of ai file opener software execution, it converts all information into a clean illustration of AI format.

How to open corrupt ai files with this tool and how to open a damaged illustrator file

AI Open File Tool is exactly what you need to fix the damage of Adobe Illustrator documents after data corruption issues, affecting the structure of AI files. Get ai opener if you'd like to know how it works and install it on your own computer in several mouse clicks. As soon as you start .ai format opener, the sequence of user actions is very easy, you should simply click the shortcut of open damaged ai file solution and follow its instructions, it should not take more than several minutes in the file to be processed is relatively small.

As soon as AI file opener download is completed, start AI Open File Tool and find a file of AI supported format to be processed. Keep in mind you may open corrupted AI files of any version. Owing to some preset templates, used by open corrupted .ai file application, AI Open File Tool fixes many known errors, caused by graphic editors. This open AI file without illustrator utility uses data swapping technology to minimize the consumption of PC resources when Illustrator file wont open.

The process of damaged Illustrator file won t open recovery runs without any assistance, all activities of AI Open File Tool are completely automated and all you need is patience. As soon as the analysis of selected AI file is completed, the software to open corrupt Illustrator file prompts converting the data into a clean file of Adobe Illustrator format.

AI Open File Tool knows how to fix AI documents when Adobe Illustrator file damaged could not be opened, all you need is starting this tool on your computer. Do not worry when Adobe Illustrator will not open files, it can be easily fixed by AI Open File Tool. Submit your request to Open File Tool support team if corrupt Illustrator file won t open and you have some questions about how to fix it.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above